Deacon ministry

In addition to our pastor and elders, we also have a team of deacons that are assigned to the families, both members and not-yet-members, of Harvest Hill. As of January 2023, or deacons include Bobby Eden, Darren White, Dave Holst, Jackson Campbell, Joe Losh, Richard Campbell, and Steve Kemp. These men, also known as servant leaders, do an excellent job of leading, mostly behind the scenes, and without a ton of fanfare. They truly fulfill the qualifications spelled out in 1 Timothy 3:8-13

Other leadership team members

Additionally, we have a team of truly dedicated members that head up certain ministries and ongoing acts of service that, if missing, would leave a major gap in the existence of our church. Cindy Taylor takes care of cleaning and maintaining the building along with leading the Wednesday Night Live dinner crew. Melissa Buchanan is in charge of keeping the schedules for the Harvest Kids' & nursery and other various children's ministries in order to make sure someone is back there to teach the kiddos on Sunday mornings. Darren White leads a team that makes sure that everyone feels welcome, seen, and most of all, safe when they visit our church building. Charla Holst is our special needs team leader as she ensures that the little ones amongst us who need just a little extra attention or learn in a different way are also focused upon. Our small groups, (Bible studies that happen throughout the week - both in and out of the church building) are led by various members in the church including Dave & Charla Holst, Mike & Jann Marler, Pastor Mike Hurtgen and his wife Jamie, Jason & Stephanie Goings, as well as Charlie & Melissa Buchanan. Terri Lay leads our grief ministry focus, and this happens two Sunday evenings per month. The men are invited to meet at Common Grounds at 6am on the first and third Sunday of each month for a time of conversation and prayer. 

There are many more important leadership roles being filled by our church members and regular attenders. How about you? Does any of this sound like something you would want to be a part of? Further, do you see a need in our church family that you could meet? Feel free to reach out to a member of the leadership team and we'll work with you to see how we can get you plugged into a ministry or help you get one started to minister to others!