If you have prayer requests or just want to update your information we have on file for you, this is the link! Much like our physical connection cards in the seatbacks in the sanctuary, this form will allow you to change your address, update you phone numbers, or sign up for text messages from the church! Just click here to get started.

Harvest Hill is Social!

Get in touch with us. We have several ways you can keep up to date with the latest news at Harvest Hill.

1. The Team App is where the majority of our member/regular attender news is housed. If you're interested, download the app and search "Harvest Hill Events/News."  

2. Group Me houses our online prayer chain. Download the app and search "Harvest Hill Prayer Warriors Feed." 

3. Facebook is where the general news, events, sermons, and photos from Harvest Hill can be found. Visit our Facebook page here: Harvest Hill (facebook.com)

4. Email is the most direct way to get answers to your questions. Please send emails to info@harvesthill.org. Expect a reply within 72 hours.